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Welcome to the North Star Touch Experience!

How do we conduct our lives?  What do we consider a priority?  Our jobs, our family, our recreation, our future?  How about our "now"?  Why not view ones' self as a priority, and take care our body the way we do some of our prized possessions?  People have money to buy cars, jewelry, clothes, cigarettes, drinks, and game consoles.

So often, we neglect ourselves as a priority.  Letting our health slip, or procrastinating on our upkeep to our health provider, our optician, our dentist. What do you do with your time, so far as what effort to you put into your health?  What type/quality of food to you fuel your body with?  These choices directly effect one's health.  So many issues that people have today come from not making ourselves a star commodity.  Waiting instead until something breaks, strains, pulls, or tears- being unable to continue our regular schedule.

We know YOU, deserve better.  At North Star Touch, our aim is to take a proactive, preventative view on life.  By means of bodywork, treating yourself the same as you'd treat your prized automobile (regular tune-ups, checking whats going on behind the scenes).  Independent fitness coaching and information; and also sharing nutrition information for everyday use.  You can greatly minimize the detractors of your quality of life and enjoy your days the way you want to.

Using various modalities, we take an in-depth, personalized look at how to optimize our clients well being and health.  By education, information, and hands on application, lets get you living better.  Seize the day!


Manual application to improving homeostasis in the body


Take an active role in improving your life and having fun


Improving your diet and knowledge for better eating choices

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